PLATYPUS is a print publication recognising unseen Australian icons at the intersection of stolen land and culture in the Anthropocene. It is not afraid to express ideas through casual poetry, political and visual jest and bold gestures.

Awareness of the sensuous existence of all lifeforms involves listening and tuning in - this publication is an offering to do so together; a way to share and connect over what is essential and necessary in a queerer way. Homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, sexism, extractivism and capitalism inform the dominant and narrow views of our environment and help to justify its exploitation... What if we could rearrange, rather than erase or suffocate?
PLATYPUS, the publication, is swimming somewhere between the field and paper- a rare breed of strange parts that make a unique and beautiful whole. As something which is tricky to categorise, but once seen for its beauty, humour and evolutionary brilliance, it’s not hard to love or get excited about.

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BOM (with feelings)
Toilet poster

BOM (with feelings)
Toilet poster
Size:  500 x 841 mm

200 gsm satin finish  
This flow chart would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and their incredibly rich and ancient connections to far more than 4 seasons. This knowledge is undeniable and truly incomparable to any of the following information. BOM With Feelings, would like to pay it’s respects to all Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded on these lands which “Australians” so destructively live. It always was and it always will be Aboriginal land, seas and skies.

Do you have the hots for the weather, are you just glad to have it in your life or would you prefer it to fuck off? Climate is the build-up of weather conditions over a long period of time. Therefore, we can’t create a relationship with climate without first dating the weather. Weather, in all it’s glory, is the ultimate informer of place and is predicted to one day be a rude interruption to our daily lives. Therefore, it is important to know whether you should “break up now”, “sleep on it” or “stick together till the end” now, in order to save much heart-ache and devastation later on.